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Treating Trump? State Change II?

[…]devastation.” “A new world order,” Bill said. “Exactly what Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bolton, and Bush wanted – but via oil rather than war.” “Dollars for ISIS and Al Qaeda dry up. Saudi Arabia goes under – or gets transformed via a new Arab ‘Spring’ – also Iran.” “Another Nobel Peace Prize!” Jay noted. “Not a bad plan,” I smiled, “were it not for the death of the Planet as a side effect.” “But as global warming isn’t really real, it isn’t a concern for climate deniers and agnostics – certainly not for Trump, Putin, or even Tillerson.” “The melting of the tundra, the massive release of ancient trapped methane, the leaks and fires due to tundra-disrupted oil pipelines – all collateral damage on the way to a new world order, controlled by powerful white guys, of European ancestry.” “Hitler would have loved it, assuming Germany’s chemical industry played a leading role.”   We looked at each other, via Skype.   “I’m not sure Ananda’s Chocolates are up to the task,” Bill offered. “We tried that – and many of those we treated are back, their old ideologies and prejudices intact.” “Agreed. We have to use more effective, more permanent, means – […]

Chapter 7: Supreme Court Justices

[…]experience.  The appointment of Clarence Thomas may be, in retrospect, one of George H. W. Bush’s greatest mistakes. Bush was actually an empathic person, according to Jon Meacham in his recent biography Destiny and Power. He said Bush had an empathy for others, and confided that his own appointee Rumsfeld lacked the ‘humility to see what the other guy thinks’.   Thomas was just barely confirmed, due to the Anita Hill accusations and controversy during his confirmation hearings. Utah’s Orrin Hatch was one of Thomas’ staunchest supporters.   Thomas is now 67. He married Virginia (Ginni) Lamp, his second wife, in 1987. She is a conservative activist and fund-raiser who reportedly has called Barack Obama a ‘tyrant’. His first wife was Kathy Ambush (1971 – 1984) – they were granted a Catholic annulment. They have a son Jamal Adeen Thomas, who is about 34 today. Thomas speaks lovingly about him in the Preface to his memoir. Although a Catholic, Thomas apparently now attends an Episcopal Church. He showed empathy and responsibility for his grand nephew Mark who grew up under similar difficulties to Thomas’s own.   Clarence Thomas is Mr. Silent during Court proceedings, but quite loquacious when not in […]

Chapter 8: Presidential Candidates

[…]are other people out there that are very qualified …  we’ve had enough Bushes. Oops.   Jeb Bush characterizes himself as a moderate Republican with conservative principles. He has promised immigration reform – saying illegals should have a path to legal status, but not a path to citizenship. Although his 1998 platform suggested concern for Florida’s environment, he supports offshore drilling outside of Florida, supported the Keystone XL oil pipeline, and supports fracking. He questions the scientific opinion on climate change, stating I think global warming may be real [but] …It is not unanimous among scientists that it is disproportionately manmade.   In 2000 he and the Florida legislature entered into an agreement with the Federal government to protect and save the Everglades. Dexter Filkin’s New Yorker article, Swamped, documents Jeb’s reneging on that agreement when it became clear that the only way to meet its requirements was to take sugar producing lands out of production. He was called in by the Fanjul family, a very large sugar producer and political donor in Florida. The Fanjuls and other sugar manufacturers drafted a bill to essentially pull out of much of the year 2000 agreement, thus unsaving the Everglades. Plutocracy won […]

Chapter 6: Patient Priorities

[…]Martin O’Malley (91 percent) and Bernie Sanders (87 percent).”   “Let me guess!”   “Jeb Bush was the only GOP candidate to receive a passing score of 64 percent. In dead last, at 6 percent, was Ted Cruz.   Bill’s notes also quoted Penn State University’s Michael Mann, a well known and respected climate scientist, regarding the six percent score: ‘This individual understands less about science than the average kindergartner.’ He then learned the score belonged to Ted Cruz. Mann then continued: ‘That sort of ignorance would be dangerous in a doorman, let alone a president.’  The other candidates’ scores, according to the AP: Chris Christie, 54; John Kasich, 47; Rand Paul, 38; Carly Fiorina, 28; Marco Rubio, 21; Donald Trump, 15; and Ben Carson, 13. Cruz was last – even worse than Trump and Carson. Bush, the highest scoring GOP candidate, has now exited the race. “That’s enough for now,” I said “Sixteen or so to study. Congress-people will take some time and homework. My goal is to keep the final list down to 29.”   “Why 29?” Jay asked.   “You’ll see,” I smiled.   “Cause it’s a prime number?” Bill asked.   “Nope. You’ll see.”     […]

Chapter 12: Outcomes and Tomorrow

[…]accessed Bill and David Koch in Centennial Valley.”   “How’d you get to the Rubio and Bush people?” Jay asked.   “Interesting. I got to Bush just weeks before he dropped out. The office was quite big. I noticed the cars outside and in the lot and realized there would be lots of staff inside. Upon entering the outer office area, I selected a Latina at an information table. Her nametag said Adriana. I said, ‘Hello. I’m very interested in Mr. Bush’, pausing and looking at her: ‘is it true his wife is a Latina?’   “Cool,” Jay said.   “She lit right up. ‘Yes, she said, ‘Her name is Columba – she’s from Guadalajara. She’s a great lady.’ Then I asked, ‘did they meet in Mexico, because I understand Mr. Bush speaks Spanish’. ‘Yes, yes!’ she said. ‘They were just teen-agers – it’s a great story’.”   “You are good,” Bill smiled. “Go on…”   “By then two other staff had gathered round. I asked if they knew Columba. They all responded, saying she comes to the office now and then, and that Columba’s been at several staff meetings and food gatherings. Then I pulled out enough chocolates for […]

Chapter 1: Concerns and Beginnings

[…]of State Change.     Tim went on to become bidder number 70, the man who protested George Bush’s last minute energy lease auction in late 2008. He ended up serving nearly two years in prison for ‘disrupting’ an auction which was later declared illegal by Obama’s new Secretary of the Interior. Tim served his time – and continues to be an exemplary and effective environmental and climate change activist. The film Bidder 70 documents some of the actions, events, and repercussions of that time.     I ran for U.S. Congress in 2012 – unaffiliated, no party, no hidden agendas, no dollars. A progressive idealist in the most conservative state in the country. I learned about campaigning, messaging, debates, discussions, and the lack of public and media interest – all summarized in The RUN – My One Year Experiment in Democracy. My ‘platform’ was very close to Bernie Sanders’ current platform.   I lost and did not run again. It’s too slow. The public is so apathetic, ill-informed, ideological, and worried about immediate survival that democracy is seriously compromised. Gerrymandering has made a very bad situation even worse. Our democracy has become too distorted to work. The planet will […]

Chapter 11: Delivery and Treatment

[…]trip to Miami gets me to Rubio and Jeanette, Corbello, and Ros-Lehtinen, and possibly to Jeb Bush – and Columba. One short road trip gets me to Bill Koch’s home and Academy in West Palm Beach and to David Koch’s estate, just a mile or so away.     Idaho’s therapy will be via Peter and Saul via a road trip to Boise. Although their primary patient is Labrador, they’ll also try to treat the others in the Idaho all Republican delegation.   Mike Simpson represents District 2, with offices in Lewiston and in Meridian, just west of Boise. His Govtrack ideology position is roughly in the middle of the GOP distribution. He is …one of the House’s leading advocates for a new energy policy and a renewed commitment to research and development of improved nuclear energy technologies. He and his wife of 40 years live in Idaho Falls, home of the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory – with a focus on nuclear and geothermal energy.   James Risch is a Senator, mild denier, pro-nuclear, anti-EPA, anti-CO2 regulation. He’s been recognized as the ‘Most Conservative’ Senator for two years in a row. He is to the very far right […]

Chapter 9: Congress

[…]recently: Kill the families. Screw the orphans. Carpet bomb Syria, but in a targeted way. Send Jeb Bush a dollar. On to 2016.   “Apparently Rand Paul was the only one who said anything reasonable or even factual. As someone else said recently – be afraid; be very afraid! – of front-running Republican candidates.”     Inhofe grew up in Tulsa, married Kay Kirkpatrick in 1959; they have four children. He received a BA, at 40 years of age, from the University of Tulsa. He served as mayor of Tulsa and was then elected to Congress in District 1 in 1986. After several terms he was elected to the Senate in 1994 at the age of 60. He’s served for over 20 years.   His biggest donors are the oil, gas, and electric firms; he’s also a favorite of the NRA and the Kochs.   He is Chair of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee, where he performs his climate dental and scientific hoax tirades. He is endorsed by the American Chemistry Council in its efforts to keep formaldehyde from being regulated as a toxic and carcinogenic chemical. In 2012, he published The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming […]

Chapter 10: Plutocrats – and Others

[…]Florida – championed by an ambitious state legislator named Marco Rubio and signed by Governor Jeb Bush.   The National Rifle Association partners with ALEC to steer similar laws through other state legislatures. Since 2005, the NRA, through ALEC, has taken stand-your-ground nationwide, helping to pass laws in 24 other states. At least 10 of those laws are all but identical to the language of the Florida legislation.   In Florida, Trayvon Martin’s home state, ‘justifiable homicides’ tripled between 2005 and 2011. A new study from Texas A&M found that by ‘lowering the expected costs associated with using lethal force,’ these stand-your-ground laws have driven an eight percent increase in murders and manslaughters.     “Did you hear about the new studies using plagiarism-detection software to analyze legislative bills?” I asked.   “Not really – but we’ve heard of situations where candidates and even elected officials have been induced to resign due to charges of plagiarism,” Bill said.   “New Scientist just reported studies looking specifically at legislation, to determine the origin of the bills – often coming from activist and special interest groups.”   “Like ALEC,” Jay smiled.   “Especially ALEC. And now there’s also a real time fact […]

Chapter 5: Testing

[…]I answered – “by Chris Mooney, who also wrote The Republican War on Science back in the Bush era.”   “Well, his latest posting relates compassion to environmentalism,” Jay continued. “There’s a recent German study subtitled: Compassion Fosters Proenvironmental Tendencies. He ties it to empathy and compassion, and if folks are told it’s good to be compassionate, they indeed feel and act with more compassion. ‘It’s infectious,’ Mooney says.”   “There’s actually a now old video game, Peacemaker, which Netanyahu might consider. It involves a strong empathy and understanding component,” Bill noted. “Krznaric mentioned it during the Radiowest interview.”     “I think it’s too bad that neither Fabrizio nor Krznaric mentioned MDMA during the discussion. You’d think they’d both be aware of empathogens,” I said. “I sent them each an email about it, but no response.”   “Since we started harmless, I’ve been using a GoogleAlert on MDMA,” Jay added,  “and came across a Norwegian group working to make MDMA readily available. They call themselves EmmaSofia. They’re trying to raise a million dollars on line to get started.”   “I wonder if they’re connected to MAPS?” I asked. “I’ll ask.”   “More and more stuff is appearing,” Bill said, […]

Chapter 3: Harmless – The Team

[…]of members of Congress are Catholics – and many of the GOP 2016 Presidential aspirants – Bush, Rubio, and Cruz.”   “No. Cruz is now a hard core evangelist,” I corrected.   “Thirty percent – that’s much higher than I thought,” Lucien said. “And half the Supreme Court, too! I’ll set up a spreadsheet on all of them all so we can keep track of activities, preferences, opportunities.”   “Did you notice all the Catholic-oriented countries that have legalized same sex marriage? Interesting.”   “Tipping points do evolve,” Bill said. “I don’t think anyone would have predicted national same sex marriage just five years ago.”   “We might include the USA,” I said. “With a majority of Supreme Court justices and 30% of Congress being Catholics, we’re sort of a ‘Catholic’ country.”   “Amen, again,” Jay smiled, “although our planet probably doesn’t have five more years for a climate-carbon tipping point to ‘evolve’.”   “Have you heard of the ‘Koch Primary’?” I asked. “A recent NY Times piece talked about GOP hopefuls seeking audiences with the Brothers, literally being interviewed by them – the hopefuls and the Kochs seducing each other. And since the Koch Brothers’ actions, philosophies, and policies […]

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