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Chapter 12: Outcomes and Tomorrow

[…]then what?” Jay asked, enthusiastically.   “Off to the podium and main tables to find Donohue. I did ask at the credentials table if LaPierre and Norquist would be attending. She said she couldn’t share that information, but her body language suggested that one of them might be there.”   “You’re going to have to teach us about these body language assessments,” Bill said.   “I found Donohue, introduced myself as an aging chocolatier from Utah, and saying I’d like to talk with him about the international chocolate trade. He sort of dismissed me, but he did seem somewhat interested. I did say I’d stop by his office to drop off some background information. He nodded.”   “That seems like a good approach and plan. So?”   “On Monday morning, about 9 am, I was at the Chamber’s 1615 H Street, NW office – across the street from the White House. It was open and the lady at the welcome desk was most helpful. I said I enjoyed the Christmas Party, was with the Salt Lake City Chamber chapter, and had met Mr. Donohue, but we hadn’t time to talk. I further said he suggested I come by this morning […]

Chapter 10: Plutocrats – and Others

[…]big, lavish parties to do the Chamber’s business. He was born in 1938 and is now 78 years old. Donohue’s wife is Liz Donohue. They have three sons and five grandchildren.     “Just right for a near end of life revelation,” Jay said.   “His actions in encouraging cigarette sales world-wide decrease the longevity for his many victims,” Bill added.   “It really is criminal what he and the US Chamber does,” I said. “They shouldn’t be called the ‘US Chamber’ because it makes it seem like the USA is endorsing world-wide cigarette sales.”   “The US government has always been about supporting and expanding US industry,” Jay said “Howard Zinn made that crystal clear in his People’s History of the US book.”   Mother Jones’ recent Marlboro Country piece shows an Indonesian five-year-old smoking. Indonesia is apparently a playground for large tobacco countries. More than seventy percent of men there smoke, and more than 40 percent of the 13- to 15-year age boys – Indonesia’s ‘Marlboro boys’.   Donohue has been called ‘…a bodacious, hard-charging, in-your-face kind of guy…’ He threatens, cajoles, badgers — whatever it takes to get what he wants… The Wall Street Journal says Donohue’s […]

Chapter 6: Patient Priorities

[…]sales and consumption around the world – the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, headed by Thomas J. Donohue.”   “I did read about him. What they’re doing is criminal,” Jay said.   “Evil,” Bill added.   “We need to include some of the presidential candidates – they get large audiences, much press,” I suggested.   “Yes, especially those with staying power who are likely to be in the running at the party conventions – although all the GOP wannabes need treatment,” Jay said.   “For now, I’m betting on Rubio, although Trump, Bush, and Cruz may get more press,” I said.   “They all need attention,” Bill said. “Say, I know this is a digression, but did you see that cool piece in USA Today about Facebook grammar?”   “Yes! My son clued me in – also a writer we know well noted it.”   “There’s a software package called Grammarly, which analyzes text for grammar correctness. Looking at only spelling and punctuation mistakes, they analyzed the Facebook comments on each of the candidate’s Facebook pages.”   “Betcha I can predict the outcome – and USA Today’s not a particularly liberal paper,” Jay said.   “Me, too. The Republican average was […]

Chapter 11: Delivery and Treatment

[…]Court Justices,” Bill mentioned.   “As well as for LaPierre, Norquist, and cancer-salesman Donohue,” I added.   “Jay, could you get to Kentucky right away?” I asked. “McConnell is critical to the 2016 budget process and needs to be more cooperative with Ryan than he ever was with Boehner.”   “Consider it done,” Jay said. “I’ll finish the homework and make reservations right away. And I’ll try to treat several other relevant Kentucky folks on the same trip.”   “Do include Rand Paul.”   “Of course.”   “I’ll try to get to Scalia’s gig at the U of Santa Clara. He’s to visit a constitutional law class and to speak to students, staff, and faculty in the university’s Recital Hall. I’ll be in Fremont checking in on my Mom – she should be celebrating her 95th birthday at nearly the same time,” I said.   “Wow. Those are good genes,” Bill said.   “I hope so. Hopefully I’ve inherited some of her longevity. This project has taken much longer than I’d envisioned. And the next one is even harder.”   “We won’t ask,” Jay smiled.   “If Santa Clara doesn’t work, then I’ll arrange my DC visit to synch with […]

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