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Chapter 9: Congress

[…]Bill said.   “Let’s make it happen.”     McCarthy, Kevin – House Majority Leader   Kevin McCarthy represents California District 23 – between Fresno and Los Angeles – a very Republican district. His parents are Democrats.   His Govtrack Ideology score is, surprisingly, on the left side of the GOP distribution, with a very low Leadership score (although he is House Majority Leader and almost became Speaker!).   McCarthy is 50, a graduate of California State University – Bakersfield (BS in Marketing and an MBA), and essentially a career politician. He began his Congressional seat in 2006 and is considered a GOP ‘Young Gun’; now in his fifth term; he gave John Boehner, former Speaker, a B- grade for his performance as House Speaker.   When he’s in Washington, McCarthy sleeps on a sofa in his office. He flies home weekly to see his wife, Judy. Their kids are Connor (20) and Meghan (18). Immigration has been a tough issue for McCarthy, who represents a 35% Latino district that relies on immigrants for picking crops. He recently did a fundraiser for a fellow party member and attended a symposium on valley fever, a very serious health problem in the […]

Chapter 6: Patient Priorities

[…]so additional Congressional patients needs to be very strategic. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Kevin McCarthy – the Congressional Leadership – of course deserve our attention and treatment.   We looked at the House Freedom Caucus and at the ideological ‘spectrum’ data available at . We discussed the possibility of treating the far right end of the spectrum, where most of the Freedom Caucus and ‘Tea Party’ members are located. We looked at a Rolling Stones magazine recent analysis of the Freedom Caucus, by Dickinson. Apparently the members are elected from largely white, lower middle class districts. Their constituents say they want ‘their country back’. The commander of the Freedom Caucus is Rep. Jim Jordan, whose rural Ohio district is gerrymandered into the shape of a pelican: The bill reaches into the outskirts of Cleveland, while the tail feathers ruffle up against ex-Speaker Boehner’s district in Cincinnati. Jordan’s district is 89 percent white.   Jordan’s a high school champion wrestler, first elected to Congress in 2008. When many Tea Party types were elected in 2010, he selected and organized those critical of Boehner to form the Freedom Caucus. He can be seen ‘in action’ during the recent Benghazi hearings […]

Chapter 2: From Eleusis to Revelation

[…]replacement, Paul Ryan.” “Well, Boehner is largely out of the picture now – and so is Kevin McCarthy – originally Boehner’s heir apparent!” “Before Kevin verbally blew off his own toes,” Jay smiled. “Republicans – the party of chaos.” “I don’t think getting Paul Ryan – or any of them – to smoke pot is the way to go. We need something stronger, more empathetic, more effective. Some entheogen – an empathy-inducing psychedelic might help – yes, an empathogen,” Peter suggested. Jay: “Easy to say and very hard to do. Except for marijuana in a very few states, they’re all illegal. And Tea Party Republicans won’t agree to magic incense at their swearing in!” “It has to be clandestine,” I said. “Clandestine and all at once.” “What are you smoking?” asked Lucien. “Nothing, yet. I’m a pharmacologic near-virgin, remember?” “The Eleusinian ceremonies were voluntary, weren’t they?” Lucien continued. “Sort of – they were ‘expected’ of all good citizens. That probably means not quite voluntary. The historical record is not very complete.” “In Island – Aldous Huxley’s last novel – he describes an initiation ceremony for all youth – involving physical ordeals followed by ingestion of a transcendental agent, moksha. His […]

Chapter 11: Delivery and Treatment

[…]get his confidence and trust?”   “I said I was from Utah – and curious about Valley Fever. McCarthy’s constituents are all scared of it, for good reason.”   “I read that he’s even attended some workshops and meetings on the problem.”   “Well, that’s all it took. The kid was immediately responsive – said he’d be sure to give the chocolates to McCarthy and his wife.”   “Great. And how did you get to Ryan?” I asked Bill.   “Same trip as for Boehner. I flew from Dayton to Milwaukee – then by car to Janesville. I had previously checked out his schedule via the Janesville office – and learned he likes the Citrus Cafe, lunching there regularly with staff. He, too, wouldn’t accept without some for his staff at the table. Fortunately, I had – to use Sara Palin’s phrase – reloaded – with Ananda’s Chocolates.”   “And maybe Ryan’s treatment helped him decide to take the call to be Speaker – to do something very significant for Congress and Country.”   “It apparently helped him loosen up – and grow that new beard,” Jay smiled.     When Boehner was in the process of resigning as Speaker, […]

Chapter 3: Harmless – The Team

[…]negatively profiled in the New Yorker in 2011 and has been recently compared to the infamous Joe McCarthy. He’s a prolific tweeter @darrellissa . He posts regularly on YouTube. He has local district offices in Vista and Dana Point. He does local events, although no immediate upcoming ones on his Facebook page. His Facebook profile lists Atlas Shrugged as his favorite book.   “Another guy still trying to escape puberty!” Peter said.   “That’s just the beginning. Ethics issues, possible fraud, dogmatic, a denier,” Bill added. “He has a business BA degree from either Siena Heights (Catholic) University or Kent State, depending on which profile one reads.”   “He’s very pro-business – especially his businesses. His Congressional office and personal business office – in Vista, California – are in the same building – just a few doors apart. So much for conflicts of interest and full time work as a Congressman.”   “The New Yorker piece in 2011 is terrific – and his mother was a Mormon,” Jay said.   “Even better is his Wikipedia profile,” said Bill. “Problems with the law, auto theft, other issues; an in-your-face tough type. His wiki-profile was so negative that I’ve saved it, in […]

Chapter 10: Plutocrats – and Others

[…]when the Obamas were dancing at inaugural balls, a group of Republicans, including Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy, were planning the end of the Obama presidency before it even got going. They promised each other that they would filibuster and obstruct any and all legislation supported by the new president. They would do everything possible, for as long as it took, to make his a ‘failed presidency’.     “Plutocracy is why you ran in 2012 on a no dollars platform,” Jay recalled. “That’s what attracted me to your campaign, as did your slogan: For a Sustainable Future…”   “I did spend $5,600 on my campaign for Utah District 2 – $600 over budget.”   “The Don Quixote campaign,” Bill noted. “But we all loved it.”   “And others ran on similar platforms – especially Bill Barron for Utah Senate and then in 2014 for Congress, District 2,” I said. “I was stimulated by Ralph Lessig’s then new book, Republic, Lost – all about plutocracy. And it just keeps getting worse. There’s so much money, influence, and expectation about money in politics that even the generally optimistic Bill Moyers now comes across almost despondent – watch his discussion with Truthout […]

Chapter 12: Outcomes and Tomorrow

[…]and California:     California          – Bill:                Issa, McCarthy + Valadeo, Rohrabacher, Walters, Justice                                                                         Kennedy (Bill) + Justice Scalia (Joe)   “I managed to get to their local offices,” Bill reported. “The staffers were all interested. It was good I had plenty of samples for them to smell and taste. The scenario was similar to our rehearsal scenario on Rodgers in Walla Walla.”   “Was there much security at Kennedy’s California State Bar award gig at the Anaheim Marriott?”   “Yes and no. I managed to befriend one of his clerks. I was outside the ballroom but could see Kennedy’s table up by the main podium. When this guy exited for the bathroom, I followed him in.”   “That was lucky – then what?”   “Easy. We were standing at adjacent urinals, I looked over and asked aren’t you part of Justice Kennedy’s group? He answered in the affirmative. So, after washing hands, I asked, does the Justice like chocolate? He responded, ‘how did you know? He’s always raiding Justice Roberts’ chocolate dish back at the Supreme Court Building’. From then on it was an easy sell.”   “It may have worked,” Jay said. “The Court’s last […]

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