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Reading Between the Lines – Creatively

[…]he’s said he sees no need to change the rules – he’ll be a good boy even though Trump insulted his ‘best friend’ Cruz.” “So?” Bill asked. “Why so good?” “Hey, read between the lines,” Jay smiled. “Trump’s a bit too liberal for the base – for the Cruz, Lee tea party – Freedom Caucus crowd, right?” “Right!” Bill said. “So Lee could be VP – and bring all the hard right ideologues with him.” “Bingo,” Jay said. “Did you see the piece about Romney saying his family is encouraging him to run?” “Oh, yes. A sacrificial Independent run, so Trump-averse Utah Republicans don’t have to vote for Hillary.” “Another Rubio. I say 10,000 times I won’t run. ..Oops, maybe I better – for the good of the state, the country, the party.” “They’re all hypocrites. Or is it the revelation syndrome? Anyway, your turn,” Jay said, looking at me.   “I’ll do local. The U carbon divestment campaign.” “Yea – the President said no divestment, so they can get continuing support from … the fossil fuel industry,” Bill read from the Salt Lake Tribune. “At least they’re honest about their motives,” Jay added. “Nothing about leadership, education, morals, values.” […]

Has Hatch Lost It?

[…]please,” Jay said, impatiently. “You both saw it. Hatch is now in bed with Trump, expecting to change Trump a bit by whispering in his ear.” “Good luck,” I said. “Trump is not a listener; I doubt he pays any attention to whispers in his ear.” “All the more reason Hatch has clearly lost it.” “Maybe there’s a reason,” Jay said. “Hatch always wanted to be nominated for the Supreme Court. Wouldn’t he be the ideal new Scalia?” “Our discussion of Scalia losing it may have been prophetic. From one scrambled brain to another.” “God! Hatch would be worse than Gowdy – or even Mike Lee,” Bill said. “It just keeps getting worse and worse,” I said. “Dumb and dumber,” Bill […]

Democracy, Fascism, Trump – and Evil

[…]had a vision and plan – albeit demented and evil.” “Didn’t Brooks have a good take on Trump the other day?” Lucien asked. “Yes,” I said. “I captured his quotes – just a second.” I opened my new rose pink 2 pound MacBook and read: “[Trump] has no experience being accountable to anybody. …His statements should probably be treated less like policy declarations and more like Snapchat. They exist to win attention at the moment, but then they disappear.” “Hitler wasn’t accountable to anyone either – if someone got in his way, he just eliminated them,” Peter said. “He could’ve been taken out,” I said. “I just read a book titled To Kill the Devil – on the many attempts to assassinate Hitler. He had several very close calls.” “His death would have changed history in a very positive direction,” Peter said. “Death is a very effective means,” I suggested, “if it’s accomplished early enough that the victim doesn’t become a martyr.” “If the death is perceived as ‘accidental’ rather than as an assassination, then martyrdom is an unlikely outcome.” We all nodded in agreement. Lucien had to go to his soccer game. Peter and I walked through the Chemistry Building, looking […]

Treating Trump? State Change II?

[…]“Tillerson is the international oil dealmaker par excellence – and knows Putin well. As Trump’s new Secretary of State he could lift the economic sanctions on Russia, allowing a whole new level of deals for Siberian oil.” “And thus for creaming the planet,” Jay groaned. “… our worst fears – the worst scenario imaginable.” “Yes, horrible for the planet – both physically and humanistically,” I added. “Cheap Siberian oil, with the backing of Russia and the USA, could flood the market, economically devastating the Middle East, Nigeria, and Canada.” “And the Secretary of State orchestrates the whole transformation – from deals to production, sales, and economic devastation.” “A new world order,” Bill said. “Exactly what Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bolton, and Bush wanted – but via oil rather than war.” “Dollars for ISIS and Al Qaeda dry up. Saudi Arabia goes under – or gets transformed via a new Arab ‘Spring’ – also Iran.” “Another Nobel Peace Prize!” Jay noted. “Not a bad plan,” I smiled, “were it not for the death of the Planet as a side effect.” “But as global warming isn’t really real, it isn’t a concern for climate deniers and agnostics – certainly not for Trump, Putin, or […]

Trump 2016 Election: State Change now even more important

[…]asked. “Yep, and he has a new one Listen Liberal; the piece in the paper is like Liberals put Trump in the White House.” “Ouch.” “Anyway, State Change is even more important and valuable now that Trump will soon be thrashing around in the White House,” I said. “My Australian and Canadian friends are incredulous,” Bill said. “I’ve started to add overseas audiences to my Tweet destinations now, because Europe is so concerned. A major Madrid paper, El Paix, had columns today titled The Crazy is in Charge of the Asylum – and another The Suicide of Democracy.” “It’s time to up the action,” Bill said. “I think so,” said Jay. “I’m ready for some serious activism.” “Let’s think this through and meet again right after […]
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Scalia Supreme Court Michael Lee Hayek Simplism

“Did you see the local papers in the last two days?” Jay asked. “There’s a move on to get Trump to commit to appointing Mike Lee as Scalia’s Supreme Court replacement.” “Crazy,” Bill said. “He’d be even worse than Scalia. It’s because Cruz did commit to appoint Lee. Cruz and Lee have been shouting Libertarianism fallacies into each other’s ears since they both ran for Senate.” “We said it earlier,” I said. “They’re afflicted with – and addicted to – their mental adolescence. They are infected with seductive Hayekian simplicity – what the psychologists might call simplism.” “Maybe we should get more chocolate to them,” Jay said, smiling. “In their case, change would require a brain transplant,” Bill said. “Or a more powerful chemical change agent,” I […]
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Rubio, Trump, and Fathers’ Day – Tom’s Mass and Catholic Youth

[…]and relevant; only Advice #6  (Run, Marco, run) is now outdated – he’s running.” “But Trump may take him down,” Bill said. “Yes, hopefully. Patrick Murphy, currently in the House  representing Florida 18, is coming on strong.” “If Rubio takes your advice, he might win,” Jay said. “I hope not,” Bill added. “For all the reasons in State Change.” “He’s unlikely to take my advice,” I said. “He’s too young, naive, arrogant – unless one of his kids sees the letter and really gets to him.” “Or Jeanette,” Bill said. “Yes, or Jeanette.” We sipped our coffees and tea (Jay) silently for a few minutes. “Did you get to Tom’s memorial Mass?” Bill asked. “I didn’t.” “Yes, it was at St. Ambrose’s – a beautiful church with an incredible organ and sound system.” “I thought you didn’t like organ music,” Jay said. “Normally not, but this sound was really incredible, majestic, spiritual. The priests mentioned Tom towards the end – they recognized several people, as well as Tom. Carrie told me they’ll have a memorial – recognition – event later in the year. I’ll keep you posted.” “And did you hear about the new Pope Francis High School – in Springfield, Mass?” […]
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Did Koch eat Ananda’s Chocolates?

[…]asked. “Not yet, I thought Charles was fond of Sanders,” I answered. “He’s certainly anti-Trump, and probably not pro-Cruz,” Jay said. “The Brothers must be very disappointed, even despondent.” “Yea, so much money spent refocusing the GOP – mainly to result in a stable of loser candidates for President.” “The Times story, very briefly, suggested Koch was willing to at least consider Hillary,” Bill said. “Maybe you did get to him,” Jay said, smiling and looking at me. “The chocolates went to his Wichita receptionist – she said she’d give them to him.” “Well, she apparently did,” Jay said. “He does seem to be more open than before.” “Yes, his Sanders comment and now this Hillary one.” “Another dose could have an even greater effect,” Bill said, ” – that and his growing awareness of impending mortality.” “Aging does cause some of us to be more philosophical – and open-minded,” I said. “And Charles is five years ahead of me. It’s easy to get to Wichita. I’ll make another […]

Author Fake Interview – Book Review

[…]it. It includes most of the Ayn Rand crowd, primitive Libertarians, Tea Party folks, and lots of Trump supporters.” Can’t you be a bit more specific. Help me out! “Only three women, evangelicals, are treated in State Change. We also treat 15 Congress members, several Supreme Court Justices – the ones that still live and work in the 19th century – a few Presidential Candidates, and some plutocrats – including the Brothers Koch.” Do you treat Trump? “He’s number 30 in the book, but we chose to not treat him.” And why not? “There’s nothing there to treat!” Andrade chuckled. “He’s so simple-minded we thought it would be a waste of effort – and our special chocolate.” Chocolate? “Just read the book.” Who is ‘we’? “It’s me and five close friends. We call ourselves the harmless team. We selected the 29 and treated them all earlier this year and in late 2015.” You treated them all – with chocolate? I asked. He looked at me annoyingly, again. “One of them is a phenomenal organic chemist. Just read the book. It’s free, on line, easy to read.” Why is it free? “Well, most of the 29 ideologues we treat would love […]

Why the Increase in MDMA ‘Problems’?

[…]seen them, too,” I said. “The Chinese?” Peter asked. “Have you been listening to Trump? The Chinese aren’t responsible for everything, but they are connected.” “So you’ve dome some homework?” Lucien asked. “Yes. I came across a UK psychopharmacologist, a Valerie Curran with University College, London. She was on the BBC recently warning users about high dose Ecstasy.” “And?” Peter asked. “Patience!” I said. “She was almost immediately criticized, even vilified, by the drug control crowd for advising users to cut current pills in half, because street pills in UK and rest of Europe may now have 200 mg or more of pure MDMA.” “That doesn’t make sense,” Peter said. “Why would dealers use excess drug?” “Good question. Apparently there’s a new precursor readily available – from China, of course – that makes it easier and cheaper to produce MDMA. So there’s now sort of a competition to produce, provide more potent pills.” “Why?” “It may be a macho thing – kind of a pissing contest between producers or dealers?” Lucien asked. “That’s been suggested. But there’s probably another – a better – reason.” “Go on,” Peter said. “In some European countries the possession of a pill or two is often ignored. […]

Manzanita, Neahkahnee, and Arthur Koestler

[…]maniacus into homo sapiens.   “Homo maniacus – I like that,” Peter smiled. “Sounds like Trump and Cruz to me.” “I like ‘must be immunized against’ and ‘elixir vitae’,” Lucien added. “Sounds like Ananda’s Chocolate to me!” “Can I borrow Janus? I can look at it over the weekend and return it to you in Portland.” Peter said. “Sure. I’ll do more homework on Koestler. For now look at his Wikipedia entry. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of his work and writings much earlier.” “He really belongs in State Change – maybe your next book?” Lucien asked. “For sure,” I […]

Chapter 8: Presidential Candidates

[…]long before Rand Paul and Jeb! Bush dropped out of the race – and before the strong rise of Donald Trump. As Bush and Paul are young and likely to continue to pursue their presidential ambitions, they are of continued relevance to harmless and are worthy of treatment – as now is Donald Trump.     Homework: Jeb! Bush for President     Jeb likes exclamation marks – or his campaign managers liked them. JEB is composed of his initials John Ellis Bush. He was Governor of Florida for two terms – 1999-2007. He is the second son of former President George H. W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush. He grew up with two younger brothers, Neil and Marvin, one younger sister, Dorothy, and an older brother, ex-President George W, seven years older.   He attended the elite Phillips Academy high school in Andover. He taught English as a second language and assisted in the building of a school in Ibarrilla, a village near Guanajuato, Mexico, when he was 17, via Andover’s summer program. He met Columba Garnica Gallo, his future wife, while working in Ibarilla. Their children are George Noelle and John Jr.  Jeb and Columba reside […]

Chapter 6: Patient Priorities

[…]AP: Chris Christie, 54; John Kasich, 47; Rand Paul, 38; Carly Fiorina, 28; Marco Rubio, 21; Donald Trump, 15; and Ben Carson, 13. Cruz was last – even worse than Trump and Carson. Bush, the highest scoring GOP candidate, has now exited the race. “That’s enough for now,” I said “Sixteen or so to study. Congress-people will take some time and homework. My goal is to keep the final list down to 29.”   “Why 29?” Jay asked.   “You’ll see,” I smiled.   “Cause it’s a prime number?” Bill asked.   “Nope. You’ll see.”       We agreed that the selection of the dozen or so additional Congressional patients needs to be very strategic. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Kevin McCarthy – the Congressional Leadership – of course deserve our attention and treatment.   We looked at the House Freedom Caucus and at the ideological ‘spectrum’ data available at . We discussed the possibility of treating the far right end of the spectrum, where most of the Freedom Caucus and ‘Tea Party’ members are located. We looked at a Rolling Stones magazine recent analysis of the Freedom Caucus, by Dickinson. Apparently the members are elected from largely […]

Chapter 9: Congress

[…]and primaries, McCarthy said, responding to a question on MSNBC, ‘I think I’ll work with Donald Trump … I think I can work with anyone that comes out to be the nominee’.   “They keep getting dumber and dumber,” Jay said.   “But Lindsay Graham just had a minor revelation,” I countered. “He said it would be better for a Democrat to win the White House than Donald Trump.”   “Cool,” Bill said. “Graham used to be – way back – a moderate. Maybe there is some hope.”     Congress’ ‘soldiers’ – Twelve priority patients:   “That’s good background on the three major leaders of Congress – now time for the ‘soldiers’ – or those who vote on bills,” Bill said.   “Or don’t vote, like the mighty Marco Rubio,” Jay noted. “But he’s covered under Presidential candidate.”   “We’ll also include other needy members of their delegation, in case they are convenient to treat.”   “And if the book about harmless and its actions is published, we can Tweet to each of them: ‘You made the cut. Congratulations’,” I smiled.   harmless selected the additional 12 Congressional ‘soldiers’ on the basis of their far right, anti-environment, and anti-bipartisanship […]

Chapter 12: Outcomes and Tomorrow

[…]the way,” I said, “Lankford did say recently he’s ‘unlikely’ to support Trump, according to the Times – hinting that good evangelicals can’t endorse Trump.  And the Representatives?”   “The three different offices were in and near Oklahoma City – in their respective well-gerrymandered districts. They were all small, just one staffer, in mall-like environments. The staffers were responsive, after a bit of conversation. They seemed pleased to have someone to talk with. I gave them each personal samples. Oklahoma needs lots of chocolate!”     South Carolina  – Joe:              Gowdy + Peter, Graham   “My turn to report on Greenville, a nice Southern town,” I said. “I’d talked earlier with Bob Inglis to get some tips and insight – and he gave me his old campaign button for fun, which I didn’t wear.”   “Were Bailiff, Judge, or Jury helping out in Gowdy’s office?” Jay smiled.   “Nope, his dogs were nowhere in sight. There were two staffers – an older lady and a younger man – wearing a Cruz button. He came in after I was talking with the lady. I asked her about Bob Inglis. She perked up, said he was a wonderful man, that she’d […]

Chapter 10: Plutocrats – and Others

[…]are several books about Norquist. And, of course, he’s had his moments with Jon Stewart.   Donald Trump and Jeb! Bush have not signed (as of 9-1-2015) Norquist’s No New Taxes pledge. Trump is now discussing raising taxes. Grover, where are you?!   So who is Grover Norquist, beyond being a pre-puberty political prodigy?   ‘Politics is what I do,’ he said in an interview.             I read murder mysteries. I exercise 40 minutes a day. I watch videotapes while I exercise. I listen to audiotapes when I am in my car.   Politics hit him like puberty, and he has never looked back. He had the no tax pledge idea when he was 12 years old and working for the Nixon campaign.   “But he did get through puberty without reading Atlas Shrugged, I understand,” Bill said.   “After folks suggested his ideas were Ayn Rand – like, he asked ‘Who’s Ayn Rand?’ –  he’s now read Atlas Shrugged, and seen the film, stating he thought it was ‘excellent’”.   “So did Sean Hannity,” Jay smiled.   Michael Scherer wrote, back in 2004:             By the age of 12, he already knew that government was bad, that the Soviet […]

Chapter 11: Delivery and Treatment

[…]kids and grandkids might enjoy seeing the place that helped form Bill – and that helped save the trumpeter swan. I also suggested that his twin brother David and his family might like to participate. Then I waited.   While waiting I contacted Vanessa Rogers, a reporter-writer for Florida Weekly, and suggested a story on Bill Koch’s and Oxbridge’s Montana connections – and on the Beaverhead Ranch where Bill spent five summers working very hard – also that his boat (one of them) is named Matador – for the Texas ranch. I also contacted Lisa Rab at New Times Broward – Palm Beach; she did an extensive 2011 story on Bill’s legacy. I suggested she do a follow up and mentioned the Montana – Oxbridge connection; I said the same to Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times, who did a 2014 story on Bill.     “And, surprise!” I said. “In doing the Oxbridge homework, I learned they just hosted a Sea Level Rise Symposium.”   “A Koch brother is now hosting talks on sea level rise?” Jay asked. “Maybe he is concerned about his own Palm Beach mansion and property.”   “Doesn’t that have something to do with climate change?” […]

Chapter 2: From Eleusis to Revelation

[…]wrote ‘…hallucinatory fictions peddled by opportunists like Mr. Cruz’.” “And by Mr. Trump and Mr. Ryan – and the rest of the GOP circus,” Bill said. “Putting them on LSD can’t hurt,” Peter smiled. “They’re already hallucinating.” “But in the wrong direction,” Bill added. “And they’re not really hallucinating – they are opportunistic liars pandering to a scared, simplistic, fearful population.” “Even selfish, evil-doing liars – even psychopaths – can experience revelations,” I suggested. “Perhaps,” Bill said. “Mormon Church revelation functions as a history reset. They just ignore the past history, the past revelations, and start fresh. That’s why Romney was called the Etch-A-Sketch candidate in 2012. He just reset his old positions. They don’t need to rewrite history – they just ignore it!” “And Catholics do something similar, on an individual basis – we call it Confession,” I said, recalling the Catholicism of my ancient adolescence. “They then start fresh, cleansed, expunged. Catholics and Mormons don’t lie – they just say ‘Opps’, and move on. Catholic Confession and Mormon Revelation have nearly the same function.” “But Mormons don’t even have to say mea culpa – or a bunch of Hail Marys,” Bill noted. “They can just hit reset – […]

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