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Chapter 3: Harmless – The Team

[…]in 2011 and has been recently compared to the infamous Joe McCarthy. He’s a prolific tweeter @darrellissa . He posts regularly on YouTube. He has local district offices in Vista and Dana Point. He does local events, although no immediate upcoming ones on his Facebook page. His Facebook profile lists Atlas Shrugged as his favorite book.   “Another guy still trying to escape puberty!” Peter said.   “That’s just the beginning. Ethics issues, possible fraud, dogmatic, a denier,” Bill added. “He has a business BA degree from either Siena Heights (Catholic) University or Kent State, depending on which profile one reads.”   “He’s very pro-business – especially his businesses. His Congressional office and personal business office – in Vista, California – are in the same building – just a few doors apart. So much for conflicts of interest and full time work as a Congressman.”   “The New Yorker piece in 2011 is terrific – and his mother was a Mormon,” Jay said.   “Even better is his Wikipedia profile,” said Bill. “Problems with the law, auto theft, other issues; an in-your-face tough type. His wiki-profile was so negative that I’ve saved it, in case he insists on it being […]

Chapter 9: Congress

[…]submit – to set an example.”   “Scalia’s not a worry anymore,” Jay said.     Issa, Darrell: California House #49, denier; richest member of Congress, net worth about $355 M. His second wife is Kathy Stanton; one child, Bill. Wikipedia list his religion as Eastern Orthodox. He’s also very familiar with Jewish culture; his mother was Mormon. He is in his eighth House term.   Some five years ago he said that the science community is not in agreement about climate change or its severity. He has attacked both the IRS and the EPA – basically to get at Obama, and has voted against CO2 regulation. His climate denialism seems to be intact and perhaps has hardened in more recent years. He’s a Norquist pledge signer.   Issa began dogging Obama from the moment Issa became chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in 2010. He spent four years holding hearings on everything from an IRS training fiesta at Disneyland to an attack at the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya. According to House rules, the Committee may at any time conduct investigations on any matter, which gave him, via the Committee, the power to subpoena, investigate, […]

Chapter 11: Delivery and Treatment

[…]Bakersfield will get us to McCarthy again, and to Valadeo and Nunes.   Dana Rohrabacher is near Issa in District 48, which includes Newport Beach, just north of Issa’s district. He’s so Libertarian that it actually pushes his ideology score slightly to the left of the Republican center. He is an Inhofe-style climate denier. He claims climate change is a hoax – and that a Russian official told him so! He once arm-wrestled Vladimir Putin and is supportive of Russian forays in the Middle East. He ran for Chair of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology in 2012-2013, together with Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, but Lamar Smith got the job.   Mimi Walters, District 45, Irvine; elected in 2014. She’s almost a far right Democrat – she’s to the far left of the GOP Govtrack ideology plot. She has an office in Irvine, about 23 miles north of Issa’s office in Dana Point.   One flight in to John Wayne Airport will get us to Issa, Rohrabacher, and Walters.     Colorado’s therapist will be me. Cory Gardner is the primary patient. The others are:   Mike Bennet, Colorado’s other Senator – a Democrat, but on the conservative end […]

Chapter 6: Patient Priorities

[…]Trey – South Carolina District 4, Benghazi Committee. Inhofe, Jim – Oklahoma Senator. Issa, Darrell – California District 49. Labrador, Raul – Idaho District 1; Freedom Caucus co-founder. Lee, Mike – Utah Senator. Rodgers, Cathy – Washington District 5. Smith, Lamar – Texas District 21; Chair, House Committee on Science.   These 29 and the additional ‘convenience’ patients, effectively treated, may facilitate a tipping point and a major change in governance via the Federal Government.     “We could use Centennial Valley as a key delivery strategy,” Bill said. “We could arrange a gig at the U’s Taft Center with the Kochs and with others they endorse and support.”   “Are you smoking something?” Jay asked.   “No, seriously. The Kochs own Beaverhead Ranch, which practically surrounds the wildlife refuge which borders the U Center. I read somewhere that their Dad, Fred, sent his kids there in the summers to work and help make men out of them.”   “Interesting,” I said. “So the Kochs, Joni Ernst, Jim Inhofe, and perhaps even Lamar Smith, as well as Ryan, Rubio, Labrador and their families, could all be there?”   “Sure, why not? Charles and David Koch seem to have an affinity […]

Chapter 12: Outcomes and Tomorrow

[…]with Bill and California:     California          – Bill:                Issa, McCarthy + Valadeo, Rohrabacher, Walters, Justice                                                                         Kennedy (Bill) + Justice Scalia (Joe)   “I managed to get to their local offices,” Bill reported. “The staffers were all interested. It was good I had plenty of samples for them to smell and taste. The scenario was similar to our rehearsal scenario on Rodgers in Walla Walla.”   “Was there much security at Kennedy’s California State Bar award gig at the Anaheim Marriott?”   “Yes and no. I managed to befriend one of his clerks. I was outside the ballroom but could see Kennedy’s table up by the main podium. When this guy exited for the bathroom, I followed him in.”   “That was lucky – then what?”   “Easy. We were standing at adjacent urinals, I looked over and asked aren’t you part of Justice Kennedy’s group? He answered in the affirmative. So, after washing hands, I asked, does the Justice like chocolate? He responded, ‘how did you know? He’s always raiding Justice Roberts’ chocolate dish back at the Supreme Court Building’. From then on it was an easy sell.”   “It may have worked,” Jay said. “The […]

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