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Chapter 9: Congress

[…]Jay said.     Rodgers, Cathy – Washington District 5 – Spokane and Eastern Washington.   Cathy Rodgers was elected in 2004 and serves as Chair of the House Republican Conference. She has a BA in pre-Law from an un-accreditied ‘Christian’ school and a 2002 MBA from the University of Washington. Wikipedia lists her religion as Evangelicalism. She ranks in the center of the GOP ideology distribution, with a fairly high leadership score.   She married Brian Rodgers, a retired Navy commander, in 2006. A year later she became the first member of Congress in more than a decade to give birth while in office, with the birth of Cole Rodgers, who was later diagnosed with Down syndrome. Grace, was born December 2010, and Brynn Catherine, in November 2013.   She gave the Republican response to Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address. After voting dozens of times to repeal Obamacare, in 2014 Rodgers responded to reports that the ACA had provided coverage to over 600,000 Washington residents; she then acknowledged that the law’s framework would probably remain and that she favored reforms within its structure.   In early 2015, on the fifth anniversary of Obamacare, her Facebook page said […]

Chapter 11: Delivery and Treatment

[…]in the Washington delegation, so, he’ll do Washington’s evangelical Congresswoman Cathy Rodgers in Walla Walla. They’ll also get to Dan Newhouse in Richland, and Jaime Beutler in Vancouver.   This one road trip can access two Idaho Senators and five Idaho/Washington Representatives.     “Raul Labrador has a small stable of kids, some fairly young. We want to minimize the possibility – the risk – of excess dosing – or ingestion by small children,” I said.   “I’ve been considering that,” Lucien said. “The template will include a field for restriction or caution. We can use phrases like Only One! For Adults Only! Recommended Dose – One per adult per day.”   “I like ‘For Adults Only – but Only One!”   “OK – we’ll use that as the default entry for that field – we can easily change it.’ Lucien continued: “Given the patients selected and our homework, I’ve been thinking about how to use the brand to facilitate their acceptance of the treatment (the chocolate) and their transition to a more empathic perspective.”   “Great. Go on,” I said.   “The brand needs to reflect and recognize their conservative bent and suggest a more empathic, compassionate, direction – […]

Chapter 6: Patient Priorities

[…]49. Labrador, Raul – Idaho District 1; Freedom Caucus co-founder. Lee, Mike – Utah Senator. Rodgers, Cathy – Washington District 5. Smith, Lamar – Texas District 21; Chair, House Committee on Science.   These 29 and the additional ‘convenience’ patients, effectively treated, may facilitate a tipping point and a major change in governance via the Federal Government.     “We could use Centennial Valley as a key delivery strategy,” Bill said. “We could arrange a gig at the U’s Taft Center with the Kochs and with others they endorse and support.”   “Are you smoking something?” Jay asked.   “No, seriously. The Kochs own Beaverhead Ranch, which practically surrounds the wildlife refuge which borders the U Center. I read somewhere that their Dad, Fred, sent his kids there in the summers to work and help make men out of them.”   “Interesting,” I said. “So the Kochs, Joni Ernst, Jim Inhofe, and perhaps even Lamar Smith, as well as Ryan, Rubio, Labrador and their families, could all be there?”   “Sure, why not? Charles and David Koch seem to have an affinity for the Koch ranches. The Taft Center is about environmentalism and sustainability. The place is readily available and […]

Chapter 12: Outcomes and Tomorrow

[…]was no pouch or courier service to connect the office with the Congresswoman. He made his own Rodgers in 2016 label for the Rodgers office visit – and did similarly for the Beutler and Newhouse office visits.”   “Cool. That really showed how committed he was,” Jay said.   “How ‘committed’ he was, then – for those few minutes. He also picked up the official campaign materials, with fake enthusiasm, at each of the offices.”   “Did he ever do drama?” Jay smiled.   “Nope, but it’s never too late. I think all three Congressfolks will get their ‘delivered by Peter’ chocolates and Ananda’s Chocolates cards.”     Washington DC – Joe:              LaPierre, Norquist, Donohue, Justice Alito   “DC was tough and fascinating,” I reported. “I started with the Chamber’s annual Christmas Party, a lavish well attended affair presided over by Donohue. He’s an impressive figure – tall, loud, somewhat dominating.”   “Security?” Jay asked.   “Not bad. I went largely empty handed, except for chocolates in my pockets. I had the flatter versions that Lucien had made to use at events where we would likely be screened and frisked. No bulges and well sealed – no scent of […]

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