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Chapter 7: Supreme Court Justices

[…]Jay asked.   “Cajones,” Bill said. “It takes real cajones.”         Justice Anthony Kennedy is 79, appointed by Reagan in 1988. He’s one of the swing votes in the current highly polarized Court. He was born in Sacramento, went to Stanford (his mother’s alma mater), and Harvard Law. His wife is Mary Davis; they have two sons and a daughter: Justin Anthony Kennedy; Kristin Marie Kennedy, married, in her late forties; Gregory Davis Kennedy, married to a comedienne, in his late forties.   One profile said he …has been, if anything, a surprising and unpredictable justice on the Supreme Court, displaying thoughtful independence that at times, fails to reflect any particular ideology.   He’s also been a leading proponent of using foreign and international law as an aid to interpreting the U.S. Constitution.   He’s been a frequent visitor to China, serving as a lecturer and educator. He has spent time nearly every summer teaching at Salzburg University. He worked with the American Bar Association to develop curricula for high school seniors.   Before finishing his undergraduate studies at Stanford he went to the London School of Economics. Toobin quotes him as saying:   At the political […]

Chapter 6: Patient Priorities

[…]Justices – five:   Scalia, Antonin   Thomas, Clarence   Alito, Samuel   Roberts, John   Kennedy, Anthony   Presidential Candidates – four   Rubio, Marco   Cruz, Ted   Bush, Jeb!   Paul, Rand   Plutocrats and others – five   Koch, Charles   Koch, David   Norquist, Grover – President, Americans for Tax Reform (ATF)   LaPierre, Wayne – Executive Director, National Rifle Association (NRA)   Donohue, Thomas – President, US Chamber of Commerce   Congress – fifteen   McConnell, Mitch – Senate Majority Leader. Ryan, Paul – Speaker of the House. McCarthy, Kevin – House Majority Leader.   Barrasso, John – Wyoming Senator. Capito, Shelley – West Virginia Senator. Chaffetz, Jason – Utah District 3. Ernst, Joni – Iowa Senator; Koch support. Gardner, Cory – Colorado Senator, Koch support Goudy, Trey – South Carolina District 4, Benghazi Committee. Inhofe, Jim – Oklahoma Senator. Issa, Darrell – California District 49. Labrador, Raul – Idaho District 1; Freedom Caucus co-founder. Lee, Mike – Utah Senator. Rodgers, Cathy – Washington District 5. Smith, Lamar – Texas District 21; Chair, House Committee on Science.   These 29 and the additional ‘convenience’ patients, effectively treated, may facilitate a tipping point and a […]

Chapter 12: Outcomes and Tomorrow

[…]conservative — more pragmatic than Scalia and Thomas, more predictable than Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy….he sees eye to eye with Roberts…A fan of caffeine…”   “He’ll likely need another dose or two,” Bill smiled.     West Virginia    – Jay:              Capito + Mooney, Jenkins   “On to West Virginia,” Jay said. “Charleston is the state Capitol, but not very large. I got to Capito and Mooney, but not to Jenkins. I had to get in and out quickly.”   “I’ve been to the other Charleston,” I said. “What’s the West Virginia one like? Isn’t it the one with the Chuck Yeager Airport?”   “Yes – how’d you know that?”   “As a kid I was nuts about airplanes – and Chuck Yeager was one of my heroes.”   “Wasn’t he part of The Right Stuff film?” Bill asked.   “Yes, the first guy to fly faster than sound – perhaps with a broken rib.”   “That takes cojones,” Jay said, continuing, “Charleston’s a pleasant southern-style town. Capito’s office was small – with one lonely receptionist – with a box of chocolates on her desk.”   “You’re kidding. A Christmas gift?”   “That’s what she said – from her […]

Chapter 1: Concerns and Beginnings

[…]Inglis’ climate change revelation via his 18 year old son’s question. When Inglis received the Kennedy Profiles in Courage award recently, he mentioned the encouragement from his five children. But such events happening to existing Congressmen and candidates are rare. And most affected individuals are too ideologically bound to even recognize the connections. The denier and doubt industry, so well studied and presented in The Merchants of Doubt, is constantly – and very effectively – reinforcing the reality-escaping ideologies. Those ‘merchants’ tell the ideologically-prone community exactly what it wants to hear: the science is doubtful, the risk is minimal, the government will over-regulate, your freedom to choose will be constrained, etc.   It is very difficult to engineer rational revelations for urgent and complex problems and issues like climate change, population, justice and prisons, taxes and budgets, etc. Congressmen need to be informed. They need to be objective, realistic, and effective. But we don’t have the luxury of taking many years to ‘educate’ them and their staff. Incremental revelation engineering is just too slow. We need an efficient, effective, rapid, simple revelation engineering process – not just for one or two people, but for many, perhaps most, of our 535 […]

Chapter 11: Delivery and Treatment

[…]Kennedy, I have to get back to Issa in Southern California,” Bill said, “so I can get to Kennedy’s Anaheim Marriott event.”   “He’s receiving a medal from the California State Bar, so it may be highly restricted,” I cautioned. “But do try.”   “I’ll try to make friends with some of the Marriott serving staff – it’s probably a lunch or dinner event.”   “I can arrange to get to his Human Rights Beacon Prize gig in Washington, DC,” I said. “That’ll probably be less restricted.”   “Please do, just in case I can’t access him. And two separate doses can’t hurt,” Jay said, again smiling.   “Regarding Thomas, the SCOTUS listed gig I saw is perfect – a BYU dinner in Salt Lake at the Gross America Hotel,” I said.   “You do mean the Grand America?” Bill asked.   “Of course. I call it gross because it’s so ostentatious and overdone. The event is a Founders Day dinner sponsored by the BYU Law School. I’ll see if I can get one of my U law school friends to get me in.”   “A substantive donation to BYU Law should suffice,” Jay said.   “Right. I’m not above […]

Chapter 8: Presidential Candidates

[…]Catholicism; they did. Marco and Jeanette were married in 1998; they have four children: Amanda, Anthony, Daniella and Dominic. They live in West Miami. The Rubios attend Christ Fellowship, a Southern Baptist Church, as well as Catholic services. Rubio served in Florida’s House of Representatives for nearly nine years. Speaker-Designate Rubio, in September 2005, challenged his House colleagues to help write 100 Innovative Ideas For Florida’s Future. He had distributed a hardback book of that title to his fellow legislators – the pages were blank. He later published the book after fact-finding and discussion events throughout Florida. About 24 of the ideas became law, while another 10 were partially enacted. “That was a cool approach – and strategy,” Bill said.   “Yes – and his fellow legislators apparently really participated, as did citizens throughout the state.”   “It shows Rubio has some creativity and leadership skills,” Jay said. “Maybe there’s hope for him.”     At the time Rubio took office as speaker, Jeb Bush was completing his term as governor. Rubio hired 18 Bush aides. Rubio’s style was very different from Bush’s – Rubio delegated certain powers, relinquished others, and invited former political rivals into his inner circle. The […]

Chapter 2: From Eleusis to Revelation

[…]is distressingly rare for civil disobedience cases in American courts. Why this particular judge, Anthony Howard, is breaking ranks in this climate trial is unknown, but I suspect it may have something to do with the fact that he is young enough that he will still be alive in 2050. “It’s possible that if you and your colleagues are arrested and charged you might be able to use such a defense. Unlikely, but possible – it all depends on the judge.” “That’s slightly better news,” I said. By the way, the commercial DVD of 1971 includes a special feature – a panel discussion with several of the burglars, the author of The Burglary, and the film’s producer – and includes Edward Snowden via Skype from Moscow.” “Thanks,” Matt said. “I have to hear the interview.” Pausing, he continued: “I certainly do not advise you to break any laws … but if you do, consider doing it secretly – and keep it quiet for the rest of your lives. That’s the only way to stay out of jail. But do understand – you’ll probably be caught, convicted, and spend the rest of those lives in jail.” I nodded. “Goodbye and good […]

Chapter 10: Plutocrats – and Others

[…]to expand and become more intense. Even President Obama is calling them out by name. Robert Kennedy, Jr. recently said the Koch Brothers             …are the apocalyptical forces of ignorance and greed. These are the four horsemen from the book of Revelations herding humanity toward a dystopian nightmare of their creation. Koch Industries is not a benign corporation. It’s a suicide pact for creation. It’s the archetype of ‘disaster capitalism.’ It’s the command center of an organized scheme to undermine democracy and impose a corporate kleptocracy that will allow these greedy men to cash in on mass extinction and the end of civilization.   Although Charles and David see it differently, if they had even a little empathy, they might understand how most of the rest of us tend to see it more as Kennedy does.   Asked about Mr. Trump’s plan to bar foreign Muslims from entering the United States, Charles said that such a policy was antithetical to what America represents: Well, then you destroy our free society. Who is it that said, If you want to defend your liberty, the first thing you’ve got to do is defend the liberty of people you like the least? Charles […]

Chapter 3: Harmless – The Team

[…]voting cards!”   Peter continued: “There was a big piece in the Times on the new Ted Kennedy Library and Institute in Boston and its full scale reconstruction of the Senate Chambers – perhaps it’s a good place to learn the layout and details without the security concerns.”   “I’m on it,” Jay said, “including the heating and cooling systems, electrical outlets, lockers, if any. Maybe we can target them individually rather than in groups. And, of course, the restrooms. All’s fair.”   Bill added, “Do include the committee meeting rooms and restrooms – and their staff and protocols. Watch C-Span for Chamber details – easy to see because the Congressmen are hardly ever there. And C-Span covers many of the committee meetings. Ex-staffers may be especially helpful.”   “And there’s always the cafeteria, the food delivery people, and the restaurants,” I added. “And parties, open houses, receptions…and Congress-people are just the beginning of our list.”   “Did you see the Times piece on the wages of Capitol food service workers – really low – just Federal sub-minimum wage,” Bill said. “ A disgruntled food service worker or two could be very helpful.”   “Best ‘facilities’ challenge I’ve ever had,” […]

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