Mia Love Learns about Climate Change

Back to Coffee Noir – this time only Bill and I. Jay was on a Southern Utah gig.

“She really did listen to four guys all discuss climate change and the need for immediate action?” Bill asked.

“Yes, she did,” I said. “And all four strongly recommended a carbon tax – now.”

“Isn’t she anti all taxes and fees?”

“Yes. She did rattle off, in response to some questions, the standard tea party free market-creativity-innovation gospel she’s so used to saying, but she did have to listen to four excellent speakers with a largely consistent message.”

“This was at a Town Hall meeting for her District 4 constituents, right?” Bill asked.

“Yes – earlier this week. I’m in her District, even though I ran in 2 back in 2012.”

“You mentioned there was an electric car guy on the panel?”

“Actually an electric truck guy – with Via Motors and Nikola Motors. Both companies are new – and were new news to me.”

“Nikola as in Tesla, I assume?”

“Yep. One good surprise was a guy with conservative, Libertarian credentials. He’d been high up in the Cato Institute for over 20 years. But he’d had a recent revelation!”

“Without Ananda’s help?” Bill smiled. “But maybe Mia was somewhat receptive due to her earlier Ananda Chocolates experience?”

“Possibly. She was at Mike Lee’s Christmas Party at the State Capitol – I was pretty liberal with Ananda’s goodies there. Mia got some for sure – and perhaps actually took one or more.”

“Cool. And what about this Libertarian with a revelation?”

“His name is Jerry Taylor; he’s for getting fossil fuels out of the economy quickly, but not via government regulation. He wants the free market unleashed, but empowered by a carbon tax.”

“Interesting angle,” Bill said.

“Yes, but USU’s Davies held firm – he said we need it all. The situation is so urgent we need strong regulation, a strong carbon tax-empowered free market, and lots of Federal, State, and local leadership.”

“And he had incredible slides, didn’t he?” Bill asked.

“Yes, as usual. He gives a great talk. So Congresswoman Mia heard it all.”

“Did you thank her with some chocolates?”

“No, but I did give Heinberg’s Post Carbon Institute book:  ENERGY: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth, to her office manager. Hopefully she’ll see it -it’s a huge book.”

“I understand the District 4 Citizens’ Climate Lobby folks have been communicating with her and her staff. I’m sure they’ll continue.”

“For sure,” I said. “They’re already following up.”

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