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The harmless team has not been charged or prosecuted. They continue to interact, meet, and talk, although not quite as intensely as during the harmless project. They continue to devour the New York Times, The Economist, New Scientist, the New Yorker, and many additional publications and news outlets. And they continue to talk and discuss, especially Jay, Joe, and Bill.

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Democracy, Fascism, Trump – and Evil

Diana and I were back in Portland, with Lucien, Peter, Saul, and family – trying to avoid talking politics. I have been working in the Reed College Library, where so much of State Change was written more than a year ago. Lucien, Peter, and I had a lunch discussion in the Reed Student Commons.   “Did you see […]


Treating Trump? State Change II?

We needed to talk. We needed self-therapy. Jay was depressed. Bill was despondent. I was in tears thinking of my granddaughters and the billions of others who would need to survive on an increasingly destroyed planet. Diana and I were in Monterey for several weeks, escaping Salt Lake City’s cold and its winter air inversions […]


Trump 2016 Election: State Change now even more important

The harmless team was at The Roasting Company – doing our 2016 election mourning over good coffee. “Jesus, I’m depressed,” Bill said. “There’s no question I am,” Jay said. “I even considered fully losing it early this morning.” “Remember those last pages of State Change,” I cautioned. “Those who are old and ready, and those […]


Rubio, Trump, and Fathers’ Day – Tom’s Mass and Catholic Youth

Bill, Jay, and I were celebrating their identical August birthday dates at the Roasting Company – on a warm, clear but semi-dirty air day.   “Bill said you wrote Rubio a Father’s Day letter?” Jay asked. “I did, and submitted it to the Miami paper and Buzzfeed. Miami Herald didn’t pick it up but it is […]


Manzanita, Neahkahnee, and Arthur Koestler

July 21, Manzanita – during and after Neahkahnee hike – and Arthur Koestler Peter, Lucien, and I were in Manzanita for the annual family gathering. The weather was perfect – sunny, low 70’s, very light wind. This place and time is not conducive to thinking about global warming and planetary perils! While in Portland I […]


Reading Between the Lines – Creatively

Jay, Bill, and I were at the Roasting Company – a pleasant first of July day. We had agreed to each review some stories in the local and national papers.   “You go first,” I said to Bill. “My big news is, of course, the Dalai Lama in Salt Lake City.” “You’ve known him for […]


Author Fake Interview – Book Review

Book Review Press Release (for immediate release) State Change – A Chemical Fantasy By Joe Andrade 491 pp. Andrade Self-Publishing Free at An ‘interview’ with the author:   Academic Activist Advocates Illegal Politics   ‘We cannot elect mental adolescents to public office,’ says Joe Andrade, author of a provocative new novel State Change – […]


Why the Increase in MDMA ‘Problems’?

I was on the phone with Lucien and Peter, who were at a coffee shop in Portland. “My Google Alert on ‘Ecstasy’ shows more issues, problems with street Ecstasy,” Peter reported. “Yes, I’ve also seen some reports on more ER admissions and even deaths,” Lucien added. “I’ve seen them, too,” I said. “The Chinese?” Peter asked. “Have […]


Mia Love Learns about Climate Change

Back to Coffee Noir – this time only Bill and I. Jay was on a Southern Utah gig. “She really did listen to four guys all discuss climate change and the need for immediate action?” Bill asked. “Yes, she did,” I said. “And all four strongly recommended a carbon tax – now.” “Isn’t she anti […]


Coal Reality Anxiety Evil Witches

More coffee talk – this time in the cafe at The Leonardo. “You made it to the BLM coal lease moratorium hearing?” Bill asked. “Yes – over 500 people – standing room only,” I answered. “And most of them were yellow t-shirted miners from Utah’s coal country,” Jay added. “Yes, miners, drivers, family, local business […]