Scalia Supreme Court Michael Lee Hayek Simplism

“Did you see the local papers in the last two days?” Jay asked.

“There’s a move on to get Trump to commit to appointing Mike Lee as Scalia’s Supreme Court replacement.”

“Crazy,” Bill said. “He’d be even worse than Scalia. It’s because Cruz did commit to appoint Lee. Cruz and Lee have been shouting Libertarianism fallacies into each other’s ears since they both ran for Senate.”

“We said it earlier,” I said. “They’re afflicted with – and addicted to – their mental adolescence. They are infected with seductive Hayekian simplicity – what the psychologists might call simplism.”

“Maybe we should get more chocolate to them,” Jay said, smiling.

“In their case, change would require a brain transplant,” Bill said.

“Or a more powerful chemical change agent,” I suggested.