Moral Enhancement and DaVinci

We were at the Roasting Company – this time for lunch.

“Happy Leonardo’s Birthday!” I greeted.

“Yes, his 564th,” Bill said. “And this year The Leonardo is celebrating it with a lecture and party tonight and tomorrow.”

“I wonder what he’d think about our empathic enhancement activities,” Jay said.

“I think he be fascinated with cognitive enhancement – and certainly an advocate for cognitive liberty,” I said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if some notes and sketches are found someday which suggest he dabbled with mushrooms during those botanical treks in the Italian alps.”

New Scientist this week has an intriguing book review – The Myth of the Moral Brain: The limits of moral enhancement,” I noted.

“Sounds like something ideal for harmless – any discussion of MDMA?” Bill asked.

“I just got it on my Kindle. There’s nothing in the index on empathogens, ecstasy, or MDMA.”

“That’s incredible – then what is she talking about?” “It’s a he – a Harris Wiseman. And it’s an MIT Press book.”

“Perhaps not a very wise man,” quipped Jay. “I’ll read it and report back – maybe the index is misleading.”

“You are forever the optimist,” Jay smiled.