Did Koch eat Ananda’s Chocolates?

“Did you see today’s NY Times piece by Barbaro – on Charles and Hillary?” Bill asked.

“Not yet, I thought Charles was fond of Sanders,” I answered.

“He’s certainly anti-Trump, and probably not pro-Cruz,” Jay said.

“The Brothers must be very disappointed, even despondent.”

“Yea, so much money spent refocusing the GOP – mainly to result in a stable of loser candidates for President.”

“The Times story, very briefly, suggested Koch was willing to at least consider Hillary,” Bill said.

“Maybe you did get to him,” Jay said, smiling and looking at me.

“The chocolates went to his Wichita receptionist – she said she’d give them to him.”

“Well, she apparently did,” Jay said. “He does seem to be more open than before.”

“Yes, his Sanders comment and now this Hillary one.”

“Another dose could have an even greater effect,” Bill said, ” – that and his growing awareness of impending mortality.”

“Aging does cause some of us to be more philosophical – and open-minded,” I said. “And Charles is five years ahead of me.┬áIt’s easy to get to Wichita. I’ll make another visit.”