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Chapter 9: Congress

[…]on the planet.”       Capito, Shelley Moore – West Virginia, Senator, denier.   Shelley Capito was elected to the Senate in 2014 after having served in the House for seven terms. She is married to Charles L. Capito. They have three children: sons Charles and Moore and daughter Shelley. The Capitos are now grandparents.   Shelley Capito is another Presbyterian, and a strong advocate for the mining industry, especially coal. She opposes ‘job-killing’ energy regulations, opposes capping CO2, and has voted with her party 93% of the time. Her position on the Govtrack ideological spectrum is not very conservative; her ‘leadership score’ is quite low. However, she serves on many important committees; if her conservatism could be adjusted a bit more to the left, she could make a real difference. She has a B.Sc. in Zoology from Duke University, so she should know something about science and critical thinking.     “Perhaps she had a class from Steven Vogel at Duke – that would have taught her real critical thinking,” I said.   “Is that the guy who did so much, for so little cost, on animal biomechanics?” Bill asked.   “Yes. The U’s Bioengineering Department had him […]

Chapter 6: Patient Priorities

[…]of the House. McCarthy, Kevin – House Majority Leader.   Barrasso, John – Wyoming Senator. Capito, Shelley – West Virginia Senator. Chaffetz, Jason – Utah District 3. Ernst, Joni – Iowa Senator; Koch support. Gardner, Cory – Colorado Senator, Koch support Goudy, Trey – South Carolina District 4, Benghazi Committee. Inhofe, Jim – Oklahoma Senator. Issa, Darrell – California District 49. Labrador, Raul – Idaho District 1; Freedom Caucus co-founder. Lee, Mike – Utah Senator. Rodgers, Cathy – Washington District 5. Smith, Lamar – Texas District 21; Chair, House Committee on Science.   These 29 and the additional ‘convenience’ patients, effectively treated, may facilitate a tipping point and a major change in governance via the Federal Government.     “We could use Centennial Valley as a key delivery strategy,” Bill said. “We could arrange a gig at the U’s Taft Center with the Kochs and with others they endorse and support.”   “Are you smoking something?” Jay asked.   “No, seriously. The Kochs own Beaverhead Ranch, which practically surrounds the wildlife refuge which borders the U Center. I read somewhere that their Dad, Fred, sent his kids there in the summers to work and help make men out of them.” […]

Chapter 12: Outcomes and Tomorrow

[…]Capito + Mooney, Jenkins   “On to West Virginia,” Jay said. “Charleston is the state Capitol, but not very large. I got to Capito and Mooney, but not to Jenkins. I had to get in and out quickly.”   “I’ve been to the other Charleston,” I said. “What’s the West Virginia one like? Isn’t it the one with the Chuck Yeager Airport?”   “Yes – how’d you know that?”   “As a kid I was nuts about airplanes – and Chuck Yeager was one of my heroes.”   “Wasn’t he part of The Right Stuff film?” Bill asked.   “Yes, the first guy to fly faster than sound – perhaps with a broken rib.”   “That takes cojones,” Jay said, continuing, “Charleston’s a pleasant southern-style town. Capito’s office was small – with one lonely receptionist – with a box of chocolates on her desk.”   “You’re kidding. A Christmas gift?”   “That’s what she said – from her boss, who apparently likes chocolates.”   “Bulls-eye!” Bill said.   “It was easy. We traded chocolates – one from her for me, and my Ananda sample for her. She was pleased to have someone to talk with – and said she’d pass […]

Chapter 11: Delivery and Treatment

[…]LaPierre, Norquist, Donahue and Justice Alito.     West Virginia therapist is Jay, focusing on Capito, with an office in Charleston.   All three West Virginia representatives are Republicans:   David McKinley, District 1, northern region, with Morgantown. He is to the right of center with a high leadership score. He’s too far from Charleston to be treated.   Alex Mooney, District 2, central part, including Charleston. He’s slightly to the left of center with low leadership; office in Charleston.   Evan Jenkins, District 3, southern part, with Lewisburg. He’s almost a Democrat, on the far left of the GOP distribution, and very low leadership efforts. Closest office to Charleston (about 50 miles away) is in Huntington, in western part of the state.   Jay is getting to Capito and the District 2 and 3 representatives via a single trip to Charleston, WV.     Wisconsin’s therapy is continuing to be handled via Bill. His key patient was and is Paul Ryan. The others are:   Ron Johnson, Senator, has an ideology score similar to Wyoming’s Barrasso, but lower in leadership. Johnson has offices in Milwaukee and Oshkosh.   James Sensenbrenner Jr., District 5, North of Janesville, and close to […]

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