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Chapter 11: Delivery and Treatment

[…]in Milwaukee, then Ryan again in Janesville.     Wyoming’s therapist is Peter, focusing on Barrasso.   Mike Enzi is other Wyoming Senator – and even further to the right than Barrasso! They both have offices in the Federal Buildings in Casper and Cheyenne. They are both on the far right of the Govtrack ideology plot. Enzi is married to Diana Buckley, has three children, went to University of Denver, and is also Presbyterian. He’s signed the Norquist no taxes pledge, is a strong supporter of the coal industry, against alternative energy, very anti-abortion, and against gay marriage. He’s also ranked very highly by the NRA.   “They’re both about as conservative as they can be,” Jay said, referring to Enzi and Barrasso.   “Casper and Cheyenne are easy to get to,” Bill said, ‘and holiday parties are coming up.”   “Just watch out for winds and ice on I-80,” I said.   Cynthia Lummis is Wyoming’s single at large representative, elected in 2009. She is very far to the right, with an average leadership core. Her district offices are in Casper, Cheyenne, and Sheridan.   “Looks like a visit to Cheyenne gets us all three,” Peter said. “I’m on […]

Chapter 9: Congress

[…]at Yale University. He practiced orthopedics and was named Wyoming Physician of the Year. Barrasso is married (his second) to Bobbi Brown. They married in 2008. She is a breast cancer survivor. He has three children: Peter, Emma, and Hadley. Although Barrasso went to Catholic schools, he is now a Presbyterian.   He’s quoted as saying, ‘I believe in limited government, lower taxes, less spending, traditional family values, local control and a strong national defense’; he has ‘voted for prayer in schools, against gay marriage and [has] sponsored legislation to protect life’.   Barrasso was one of 46 senators to vote against the passing of a bill in April 2013 which would have expanded background checks for all gun buyers. He received an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association in 2002.   He wants to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from limiting carbon dioxide emissions.   He is a ranking member of the Subcommittee on Public Lands and Forests, within the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.   “Barrasso’s now speaking out, unfortunately,” I said. “He tried to undermine Obama at the Paris Climate talks by saying ‘…the American people have [climate] as a very, very low priority’; […]

Chapter 6: Patient Priorities

[…]Leader. Ryan, Paul – Speaker of the House. McCarthy, Kevin – House Majority Leader.   Barrasso, John – Wyoming Senator. Capito, Shelley – West Virginia Senator. Chaffetz, Jason – Utah District 3. Ernst, Joni – Iowa Senator; Koch support. Gardner, Cory – Colorado Senator, Koch support Goudy, Trey – South Carolina District 4, Benghazi Committee. Inhofe, Jim – Oklahoma Senator. Issa, Darrell – California District 49. Labrador, Raul – Idaho District 1; Freedom Caucus co-founder. Lee, Mike – Utah Senator. Rodgers, Cathy – Washington District 5. Smith, Lamar – Texas District 21; Chair, House Committee on Science.   These 29 and the additional ‘convenience’ patients, effectively treated, may facilitate a tipping point and a major change in governance via the Federal Government.     “We could use Centennial Valley as a key delivery strategy,” Bill said. “We could arrange a gig at the U’s Taft Center with the Kochs and with others they endorse and support.”   “Are you smoking something?” Jay asked.   “No, seriously. The Kochs own Beaverhead Ranch, which practically surrounds the wildlife refuge which borders the U Center. I read somewhere that their Dad, Fred, sent his kids there in the summers to work and help […]

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